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Smart Turn Off features

PC clean-up and privacy protection

"Those how has information rules the world..."

In other words your private information can be used against you.

- someone or something, such as malware, virus, took advantage of a saved username and password to the site or forum, where you use a universal respect ... reputation may be damaged, isn't it? The virus will send spam on your behalf definitely ...

- virus found ID and password to the e-commerce site, and even worse, gotten information about the credit card used for the internet payment ... trouble! It is a pity that you know about missing only after receiving a statement on a credit card ...

- if a password for a free mailbox, ICQ, Jabber, etc. stolen and replaced by someone, the probability of return stolen nickname virtually zero. Ultimately, loss of information, contacts, customers, reputation and time ...

- your potential rival in the office how want to be promoted browses your PC every day and was the first to realize the manager's target, thou it was you who was going in the right direction

- your boss had found internet links on your PC to the websites for those who is looking for a job. Probably you'll have to change your work place much sooner than you supposed to

- some of your relatives found some other disgracing facts ─ inevitable pay off and severe punishment will depend on the state of dissoluteness of the site you've visited.

Smart Turn Off will help to wipe out tracks!

Damn these windows temporary files and VIRUSES!

PC clean-up and viruses preventionMany people know that temporary files occupy disk space to no purpose and slowdown PC. But not many know that professionals can get a lot of information out of this stuff. They can even get information potentially dangerous for you. But what is real threat to you is not temporary files itself but computer viruses that put on a mask of a temporary file, hide among them either in windows temp folder or among temporary internet files and run itself during the next computer session. Usually you can't delete these files even in Windows Explorer because Windows NEEDS them!

You should get rid of temporary files the same way as you do with other trash!

Another bitter truth
Very interesting things like credit card info can be found among the temporary files, and neither Windows , nor any web browser can delete temporary files truly! Only deletes links to the files and the content of such deleted files remains available for some time! In order to guarantee the removal of information Smart Turn Off uses built-in file shredder that conforms to "Clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220-22M" of the US Department of Defense.
Also the file shredder will delete files in the Recycle Bin, forever!

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